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How To Gain 1000 Followers On Your Instagram Profile In A Day

How To Gain 1000 Followers On Your Instagram Profile In A Day

Instagram is a free application that is readily available in Android, Apple iOS, and Windows Phone. This application permits its users to upload and share videos and photos with their followers or their selected friends. On this social network program, you can also edit your photos and short videos.

In this article, we will highlight ways to get 100 followers on Instagram in one day. Therefore, if you are interested in growing your Instagram platform with 100 followers a day, rest easy that you have come to the perfect place.

The more followers one has on this online photo-sharing mobile app typically means you will receive more engagement resulting in more prospective sales. In this article, I will guide you progressively on how to gain 100 new followers to your Instagram account in one day.

Steps to follow to get 100 followers on Instagram in one day

1) Enhance your profile for utmost engagement

You have to take this first step into serious consideration as this will attract your absolute customers. Therefore, with the most attractive and eye-catchy profile, you will get the utmost visits and impressions on your account.

Firstly, begin by filling up your profile with relevant details about you and captivating profile images resonating with you or your brand and establish a descriptive bio that revolves around your values and personality.

Secondly, post at least twelve images that should be of high quality before promoting your profile. This tactic helps the other users get a glimpse of your profile's theme or account and know what it is about since they entice the audience.

2) Look for around thirty tactical hashtags

Hashtags are words or phrases signified by the hash sign(#) usually used on social media websites and applications, mostly on Twitter, to recognize specific topics. Instagram permits you to post up to thirty hashtags per post; therefore, this draws a lot of traffic to your posts; this is why you have to be very strategic on the right hashtags you decide.

Your ultimate goal is to be among the top ten posts under each hashtag, mostly those with one hundred thousand images. Going for hashtags with more than two hundred and fifty thousand images will make your photos lose, resulting in your post gaining zero engagement.

You can experiment with several hashtags to observe the ones that have the largest number of likes. A few popular hashtags include “photooftheday,” “f4f,” “nofilter,” amongst others.

3) Determine how much content you are going to post

You should post about three to four photos per day. This progress shows your audience that you are active and exciting, making them interested, entertained, and engaged. Moreover, you can also do two live videos per week at the same time and post more than one Instagram story every day.

You can have quotes, photos of yourself and friends, or images from other users in these posts, but be sure to credit or tag them. Furthermore, it is crucial to know the correct time to post as this will elevate you in gaining followers; people can engage with your profile when they can see them.

Therefore, you need to know what time social media users use their accounts during certain hours of the day or night. This tactic assists in generating significant traffic to your profile. Relatively, posting in the hours between 2 AM and 5 PM is proven to reach a large mass of users while posting in the hours between 9 AM and 6 PM is the worst as most people are busy.

4) Find your target audience

In this step, you should proceed to search for around ten accounts that are mostly your competitors with a following of fifty thousand or more. Afterward, go and tap on their followers and begin following some of your competitors' followers within the Instagram follower restrictions.

Also, ensure you turn on the post notifications on their accounts to know whenever they post anything. You might as well like and leave thoughtful comments in like four lines on their posts. Doing this task will assure you new followers instantly. Put in effort, enthusiasm, and positivity on what you comment on the posts. You can also use this tactic on your favorite influencers’ recent posts.

5) Engage with your group or community

This tactic is strongly suitable for users that are beginners on Instagram. Whenever you become dormant, your followers may be become unconcerned and unfollow your accounts within two days. Therefore, it is appropriate to engage with them by liking and leaving lovely comments on their posts, acknowledge and replying to their comments on your photos or videos in your posts, answering their DMs, and tagging them in some of your posts.

Consistently responding to your followers and uploading as much as possible will make your followers feel included, which will increase their interests and engagements in your profile. Kindly note that you can switch your account to a Business profile to know your accounts' primary analytics.

This setting will assist you in being conversant with the following detailed features. Firstly, the number of impressions your posts you receive within seven days. Secondly, the number of accounts that viewed your posts on your account. Thirdly, the number of users that visited your profile account.

 Fourthly, the number of people that saved and shared your posts. Fifthly, the number of people that tapped in your URL and, lastly, the indicated time when your followers are mostly online.

Set up this setting by clicking Options in your Instagram account and scroll down to “Switch to Business Profile” tap on it and abide by the directives.

6) Work with your other social media accounts to advance your Instagram account

If you are active in other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat, you can notify your followers to engage with you on Instagram. Alternatively, you can link your Instagram with these social media platforms with the Instagram settings menu. Proceed to put in your different social media profiles to your Instagram information. This tactic will stretch your posts’ accessibility to social media users that do not have Instagram.

7) Include a location tag to your posts

This tactic is a unique process called geotagging, where you put in geographical information to your posts. You can perform this tactic when putting in the description of your photos or videos during the uploading process. Tap “Add Location” and follow the necessary stated steps. Including the location on your posts will instantly show your posts when other users search for that location.


Gaining 100 followers on Instagram a day does not come by easily. One has to put some time aside and give in a lot of effort. Practicing the above detailed seven procedures will assure you of 100 or even 1000 followers in less than twenty-four hours.

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