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Well, there is a simple answer to that - We are the best & the cheapest. This is a fact. Look at some of our competitors for example. There you will see that some of them even charge 10-20 times our prices.
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There are absolutely no laws against buying any of our Soundcloud services, so do not worry. You will not get in trouble for boosting your social media presence, like many others do. However, Soundcloud's policy towards this is a bit different. They reserve the right to penalize your account if you violate their terms, but fear not! We would never let that happen to our customers. Therefore, we only provide the highest quality services to you, to keep this risk at a minimum.
Here at SMM-World, we provide you with the highest quality of services, unlike many other platforms, but that does not stop us from doing sales regularly with cheaper services. These cheaper services will have all the info you need in the title of the service. Stay tuned for these sales, as you can save a lot of your precious money.
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Well, it is simple really. All you have to do is create an account on our website. After that, you click on "new order" and select the service that you wish to buy. You enter the Soundcloud video link and the amount of plays you want, and then you are done. No need to enter any passwords of any kind. All you have to do, is to provide the Soundcloud post link, and the plays will be on their way.

The Ultimate Guide To Gaining SoundCloud Plays

If you are an independent music creator, it is almost certain that you have heard of SoundCloud. The largest and most significant online music community has encouraged people to publish their music since 2007 and has only grown in popularity since. The growth is so vast, in fact, that there are now over 20 million creators on the platform all sharing music and hoping to get as many plays as they possibly can. Therefore, many people buy soundcloud plays. However, in this article, we are going to have a look at how to gain SoundCloud plays in the best way that we can. There are many options that you have to increase your plays, but if you have been on the platform for any amount of time, you may have tried most of them already. However, you might not have tried to buy soundcloud plays yet.

How to Organically Gain SoundCloud Plays

Everyone wants organic plays, that is the main reason that you produce music. It is also why you upload all of your content to SoundCloud. However, getting the number of plays that you would like is not always an easy task. Hopefully, some of the following points will help you a little, and maybe some of them more than others.

Add Your Best Content

Of course, this is the biggest and most significant way to get plays on your SoundCloud account. There is often a temptation to publish music before it is completely ready. You have already worked for a long time on the music, hand it has been hard work, too. But, if you are not completely satisfied with it, do not rush into publishing it. That can leave you getting comments about how to improve it. While that is a good thing, you would then need to tweak the track and republish it. That will only lead to all of your SoundCloud views being removed, and thus, it is counterproductive. Therefore, when you eventually finish your hardwork, you might want to buy soundcloud plays to get more exposure to it.

Repost Good Music

Reposting music that other creators have made can really help your trust value. That is a great way to gain exposure, too. Not only do people enjoy it when creators post other peoples music that inspires them, but it may also lead those other creators to repost some of your music, too. The more shares that your content gets, the more views that you will gain, too. Try to use bigger accounts to get the play count higher, as they are likely to have more followers than a small account. And as you can see, these big accounts did probably buy soundcloud plays to promote their content in the beginning.


One of the best ways to gain plays is by the SoundCloud search option. However, people usually only search for genres, unless they already know you as an artist they like. Using tags is one of the best ways to get your music in front of the people you want to listen. Do not go overboard with the number of tags, though. You can certainly add too many, and you can also make the mistake of adding too many genres to your tag list. Accurate and concise tagging is one of the best ways to gain more organic plays.

Album Art Matters

Your album art is akin to a thumbnail on YouTube. The better the album art, the more people will be intrigued to play your music. If you have poor quality album art, you are more likely to find people scrolling straight past your music without a second thought of listening to it. If you cannot make the art yourself, you may want to consider hiring a designer, photographer, or both to make the custom artwork that you want and need.


Remember that SoundCloud is not the only place that you should be sharing your content. The more places that you advertise your music, the more people will listen to it. However, if you have a website or other social media accounts, you may want to insert some snippets of your newest tracks there with a link to the SoundCloud playlist or album. That way, people will have to go to your SoundCloud account to listen to the whole track. Alternatively, if you already have a follower base, you may want to give them even more suspense by not putting a snippet, only a new track cover as an enticement.

The SoundCloud Plays Problem

As with all social media, there is a problem when you have no plays on your music. The algorithm thinks that no one wants to listen to your music, so people have to sort by new to find your music. The more plays that you obtain, the more that SoundCloud will push you into the limelight of other listeners who are looking for the tags. So, the question is; how do you get the initial plays to get more? Or, if you are at a plateau, how do you break that? Most people who are reading this will have already tried most, if not all, of the ideas that we have on this list already. Of course, if there are any on here that you haven't tried yet, you may want to consider them. However, organic plays can be difficult to generate when you need them.

Buy Soundcloud Plays

Buying SoundCloud plays is the easiest way to get the boost that you are looking for. The majority of larger companies and artists will have bought SoundCloud plays at some time or another. But, you certainly have to be very careful with you who you buy them from. Think about it from SoundCloud's perspective. If today you have zero plays on a track that was uploaded a while ago, and tomorrow you have thousands, that is going to raise suspicion. The worst-case scenario from that is that you have your account deleted and all of the plays that you did have are gone. SMM-World is different. We never add all of the plays in one go. We mimic real-life users, and how often they might listen to music so that there is no chance of suspicion, let alone banning. So on our platform, you can safely buy soundloud plays. Our focus is on you, not on us. The better the service we provide to you, the more likely you are to come back to us. That is a simple business philosophy. If you want more information, please contact us.