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How To Get Your First 1000 Followers On Instagram

How To Get Your First 1000 Followers On Instagram

It is no secret that social media offer an excellent opportunity for growth and established brands. Look at this statistic, approximately 90% of the 1 billion Instagram users follow at least one business brand.

Here is the bitter truth, unless you are famous, getting a massive number of followers is a difficult task. Luckily hitting 1000 followers will give your brand an excellent head start to building your channel.

Growing a massive following on Instagram needs time and attention. Let us look at a few strategies that will help you achieve 1000 followers.

Come Up with An Optimized Profile

The first thing that will tell your followers who you are in your profile. A good profile will give your potential followers a reason to follow you.

First, make your Instagram username recognizable and searchable. Let the business name of your brand appear at the beginning. There are numerous blogs about creating a good Instagram profile. Please do your research and make use of them to come up with a good profile.

Come Up with Suitable Content

Just like other social media accounts, you may require one or two people to manage your Instagram account. Go for someone with vast experience with a personal Instagram account.

If you are opening an Instagram account for a huge brand, a more significant number of people will have a say on what to put out there. Allowing anyone to post just anything is not healthy for a company account. When creating content for an Instagram account, some of the things to consider are;

  • Find an interesting perspective
  • Avoid long content
  • Avoid too many things and focus on the subject
  • Look for the symmetry
  • Capture every detail
  • Make followers laugh

Set A Regular Posting Schedule

Once your account is ready and found someone with knowledge of photography, you can kick start your journey. Before you start engaging people, it is prudent for you to post 15 to 20 photos.

You can begin by downloading a social media content calendar template to help you plan when to post your images. Since you may not always find time to take pictures, build a backlog during the weekend or vacation.

When setting your posting time, think about your target market and their time zone. The process of optimizing your schedule will take time and a lot of experimentation before you get everything right.

Use A Consistent Platform With Specific Brand Voice

Even though photos and videos play the most crucial role on Instagram, captions and comments play an important role in popularizing your post. When you are managing an Instagram account, consider developing a consistent voice that will humanize your brand.

Doing that will show your followers that your account is credible and relatable. It also takes away the notion that you are too formal and intimidating. Remember, every content or post you come up with is meant for your followers.

Once you have created a voice, remain consistent and natural in your captions. Ensure that the captions and comments relate to your brand.

Make an engaging and shareable caption

The type of caption you put below your post has the potential of doing wonders to your post and winning followers. Here are things you should know when creating a caption for your post;

Come up with intelligent comments – even putting up a serious post, find a way of adding some humor into it.

Calls to action – make your views give feedbacks by asking questions on the captions or putting up a caption requiring feedback.

Add relevant emojis to your post – Never underestimate the power of emojis since they inject some bit of personality out of your post.

Make use of Hashtags – without a doubt, relevant hashtags play an essential role in ensuring that your posts get many likes and followers.

Engage Your Followers

Instagram is like a community; you have to help others if you want to be helped. With that said, like, comment, and follow images that impress you. Unless you are a celebrity, it is only natural to follow others if you want to be followed.

First, when you follow someone, they get a notification that you have followed them, and they will check your account and follow you. Therefore, it is good to have a good profile that will impress anyone that visits your account.

Also, they will look at your recent posts in your feed, and if they are impressed, they will interact and like them. As you look to hit 1000 followers on Instagram, do not forget to appreciate the ones you have by responding and liking their comments.


As you look for quantity, remember quality plays a significant role in ensuring the success of your Instagram account. Build on good content, and you will be surprised how fast you will hit 1000 followers on Instagram. Plus, the followers you currently have followed you not because of the size of your audience but the quality of your audience.

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