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How to Get 100,000 Followers on Instagram

How to Get 100,000 Followers on Instagram

An expression is a vital part of humanity, and Instagram furthers it in numerous ways. Instagram is a social networking media that allows and promotes people’s expressions in innumerable styles. Photograph taking, editing, and posting of videos and ideas are easy and fun due to Instagram. Some Instagram accounts are so mesmerizing and eye-catching that they end up brightening up one’s day.

Such mesmerizing accounts always have numerous likes and even followers. It is prevalent to find an amount higher than 100,000 followers on such an account.

One may ask oneself, “how long will it take me to get 100,000 followers on Instagram ?” in this article, there are multiple guides, tips, and tricks that will upgrade your Instagram account and get you your 100,000 followers in no time. However, it is fundamental to remember that you need to put in some work.

Steps on how to get 100,000 followers on Instagram.

1) Create an on-point profile.

Most people treat their Instagram accounts as their brands. Thus, you need to design a perfect profile. Standard features of perfect profiles include rememberable and catchy usernames, a steady upload of content which encompasses stories, reels, videos and photos, a thematic profile, and an eye-catching profile picture.

To begin with, it is okay if you use your real name. If not, make up a rememberable and catchy username that is easily searchable. On occasions where a username is too hard or has multiple characters, it is hard for users to look it up and find who they are looking for. Consequently, they end up giving up searching for who they are looking for.

Your bio allows you to write 150 words. Make this a brief and exciting section that tells the users who you are and what you like and associate with. The bio should be a short storytelling section that allows your followers to know more about you.

2) You need to have consistent posts.

Often you may wonder, “how long will it take me to get 100,000 followers on Instagram?” here is a clue, do not slack on posting your content.

Followers need to view content each day. Therefore, ensure your followers see your content every day. By posting each day, you entertain your followers and keep them up to speed with you. Consistency shows an active account. No one wants to follow a sleeping or dormant account.

You must post quality content. “What is quality content ?” you may ask. Quality content entails quality pictures with zero blurriness, perfect edits, fantastic backgrounds, and gripping captions that people can reuse.

Also, ensure your post your content at the correct and peak time. Instagram posts tend to get low reshares, reposts and likes during a slump or inactive times. So, aim to post your content when most people are relaxing, getting off work, or in the morning. Remember to post on your stories as stories offer you 24 hours to post your content.

3) Interact with your followers.

Followers are who upgrade your account from zero to spectacular. Engaging with them hooks their attention to your content; you can engage with them by responding to their comments on your videos, photographs, and stories. Failure to respond denotes a sense of pride and unfriendliness, which results in your followers unfollowing you.

Following your followers back is an excellent way of interaction. Following back shows interest in your followers.

Shouting out your followers and those who comment the most on your content is a perfect engagement strategy. When you shout out a user, the user ends up reposting that you shouted them out. Consequently, your audience increases as not only has your existent follower known you but also his or her followers through the repost.

4) Use the highlight feature.

If you need to realize ways on how to get 100,000 followers on Instagram as a musician, highlights are the way to go. Highlights are a vital part of your profile as it allows users and followers to know you better. By having multiple and well-labeled highlights, you guide users on your work as a music brand. You can use your highlight post your singles snippets, video album snippets, video releases, epic video shooting moments, behind the scenes of a music video making, and even merch from your various music videos.

When doing a concert and appearances, you need to record such moments and put then[m up on your highlight section. Users and followers are often amazed when they see that musicians performed in various concerts and countries. Therefore, such moments captured in permanent highlights will give you as a musician social accolade.

5) Incorporate hashtags.

Hashtags are one of the ways on how to get an easy 100,000 followers on Instagram. Hashtags elevate your content as they present it to various audiences across the world that would otherwise not come across it. Hashtags usually have a story section where followers and users view the story; thus, increase your number of viewers.

Therefore, research on tactical hashtags, compile them and incorporate them into your stories and posts. Nevertheless, remember to avoid gimmicky ones such as #likeforlike and using the same hashtags in every post.

6) Purchasing followers.

Purchasing followers seems like an easy way on how to get an easy 100,000 followers on Instagram. Hence, you need to be conversant with how much it will cost to get 100,000 followers on Instagram. To begin with, you need to scout out a highly regarded account seller. A reputable account seller ensures that you will have active followers and not ghost or fake ones. Try services such as Storm likes, which charges almost $12.99, or Mr. Insta, which charges $10 to $600.


Gaining a massive following on Instagram seems to be an accomplished task in this modern-day and time. Nevertheless, it would be best if you did not let it get in your head and disrupt your authentic and real way of life. To get 100,000 followers on Instagram will require you to stay true to yourself, your beliefs, and your style but in more strategical and exciting methods. The strategies in this article will assist you not only to have your authentic brand but also to gain you, active 100,000 followers.

Who wants an account with 100,000 ghost followers anyway?

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Sat Sep 19 2020

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