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How to Get 500 Followers on Instagram

How to Get 500 Followers on Instagram

It is no secret that Instagram is slowly taking over social media. Compared to other social media networks, this platform has way high engagement per post, something many brands are looking for when it comes to product promotion.

Many people or brands, however, find it challenging to build an Instagram account from scratch and end up looking for quick fixes like buying followers and likes. While such tactics may work when starting an account, sustaining such a trend is impossible.

 One thing you must realize is that close to 90% of Instagram users are under the age of 35 years. You are ideally dealing with millennials, and therefore, any approach you take should suit them.

Here are strategies to achieve 500 followers on your Instagram fast and free;

Come Up with A Good Strategy

Just like when you are starting up a business, you need to refine a strategy if you want to succeed on Instagram. Instagram users are likely to follow a profile with a consistent approach. Before thinking of signing up for an Instagram account, ask yourself the following questions.

What are your channel goals? There are two reasons why people open Instagram accounts. First, the channel could be for social real estate to find a new audience or act as a conversion funnel.

What is your visual focus? Here you will not have much to choose from since you will put a lot of emphasis on your content as well as the target market.

As you set your goals, it is essential always to keep Instagram social ethics. While buying Instagram followers and likes is an option for beginners, it is not the right way of building a good foundation for your channel.

Complete Your Bio

When creating a profile, there are two parts you need to emphasize; Your username and your name. If your brand carries your name, then your username will be your name.

If you are creating a business page, the name of your business will be your user name. However, if you are creating a thematic account, include the keywords to make the brand searchable.

Even though the rest of the bio isn’t searchable, give an introduction that will make people understand your personality and brand.

Connect with People You Know

Search for people you know and quickly hit the follow button. If they recognize you, chances are they will follow you back. You can go ahead and remind them who you are if they do not remember you.

The bigger the friends and relative cycle you have, the better. People shy away from following an account without followers. However, once your account has several followers, convincing others to follow suit is simple.

Identify Your Target Audience

From the beginning, create an avatar of your target audience. The second thing to do is to identify accounts that share the same audience as you, not necessarily your competitors. For e, if you are a fitness trainer, then your focus should be health and style accounts, sports stores, and other related accounts.

Create a list of accounts then start engaging with their content. Don’t forget to comment on all their posts. Through that, you will grab the attention of their followers.

Interaction Is Key

You probably do not know that you view only 30% who you follow. Therefore, the best idea is to make the number of your followers be more than your following. The critical factor here is communicating with your followers.

The more people you engage, the higher, the higher your post will appear in your feed. Remember, a post with the highest engagement will appear top.

Be Consistent with Your Posts

For you to grow your Instagram account, you need to make at least three posts a week. Pick a niche and schedule that is comfortable for you. When you post regularly, you give your followers no chance to forget about you.

Even though posting regularly can be time-consuming, however, you need to make your followers engaged in your content. Also, open up discussions to add conversations to your post.

Use Hashtags

It is through hashtags that you get a bigger audience for your content. The good thing is that Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags to your posts. However, do not use just any other hashtag, search for relevant hashtags to use.


Getting the first 500 followers may be slow, but the process is worth it. Make use of the tips mentioned and watch your Instagram account surpass the 500 followers mark fast. Just like other businesses, you need to be patient throughout this process.

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Fri Sep 11 2020

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