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How to Get 5000 Likes on Instagram

How to Get 5000 Likes on Instagram

Initially, Instagram was a social media platform used by people to share photographs. Over the years, the platform has evolved following various updates that regularly change the algorithms allowing users to reach specific accounts. All these changes are aimed at improving users’ experience.

Today’s algorithms have been made in a way that a post that receives the most likes automatically moves higher in the position of followers’ timeline; what this means that you have to work hard and grab the attention of your followers and gather many likes.

Essentially, likes are a vital measuring tool on Instagram. Apart from uploading quality photograms, their tactics you can use to gather numerous likes. Here are many top recommendations for you to achieve 5000 likes on your post on Instagram.

Opt For Quality And Inspiring Photograms

First, select the images with a lot of attention. Remember how your followers perceive your image, and the algorithm plays a significant role. Before choosing which photo to put out there, you must study your account’s activity.

That way, you will discover the content that attracted the most attention. Several researchers suggest that Mayfair filter images attract the most attention, while unedited images are coming second. However, Instagram specialists recommend that you give the two approaches a try before deciding which one to go for.

Utilize the Use of Hashtags And Call-To-Action

Knowing to master hashtags improves your account’s activity, and this can attract attention if done well. However, for this to be achieved, you should analyze how the other participants use hashtags or utilize a third-party app to provide essential ideas to your role.

Using an average of 11 hashtags can make your post attract many likes, although you should not exceed 15 hashtags per post since this might make your content spam.

Call -to -action is significant since social media platforms entail communication, which requires you to inspire users’ interaction with your content by catching their attention. For instance, image descriptions like if you agree, which will make a user interested in your post.

Prudently Plan Your Posts

Analyze and be keen on the timeframe in which your followers are involved in your content the most so that you can share your content only when most of your followers are active, and this will draw the best attention from your followers.

Connect All Your Accounts

Linking all your accounts improves your Instagram’s activity. Increase the engagement rate by sharing your posts on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Through this, you will significantly add to your likes due to more engagement by your followers.

Participate In Other Accounts

To be successful, you should engage in other accounts activities. Take some time to like other posts. Engage with your fellow users by liking and commenting on other posts.

 Form Contests

Instagram tournaments can improve your accounts activity. Try ‘tag a friend and win a prize’ or encourage the users to share your content and win a prize. Also, encourage the users to share their opinions about the award to get your engagement and a truthful customer testimonial.


Now you know the best ways to earn likes on Instagram, and ready to make money with your 5000 likes very fast. You can always find websites prepared to boost the number of followers on your account.

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Sat Sep 12 2020

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