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How to Get 9000 Likes on Instagram

How to Get 9000 Likes on Instagram

Instagram has surpassed its expectation as a fun app for sharing photos and has become a marketing, networking, and selling tool for individuals and brands. With over 200 million active users sharing over 60 billion images a day, the social media platform has grown popular social networking sites.

A study done by Forbes in 2014 indicated that the Instagram engagement rate is 58 times higher than the engagement rate on Facebook. The question in your mind here is how you will achieve 9000 likes on Instagram.

While the most important thing on this platform is engagement rate, you must find ways of increasing your likes before thinking of ways of improving the engagement rate of your page.

Here are ways you can use to hit 9000 likes for your Instagram page;

1. Make Use of Popular Hashtags

When it comes to creating a hashtag, you need to go beyond using one word. Remember, a hashtag is meant to bring out a part of your story. Therefore, you must find a way of being funny, outrageous, or iron. Think out of the box so as not to sound boring.

When creating a hashtag, you can make use of online companies that have a better understanding of this platform. They will bring the fun out of your message as a way of telling your story differently.

2. Engage in Popular Conversations

For you to achieve 9000 likes on your Instagram account, you should find a way of mixing relevant hashtags with popular hashtags. By appropriate, I mean the ones you intended to promote. Popular hashtags, on the other hand, are trending super-popular hashtags.

Some of the most popular hashtags to look at are #tbt, #instagood. Such hashtags will give you a bigger audience.

3. Use Short Descriptive Captions

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words; however, you an exciting description to complete your story. To understand this, look at posts by the National Geographic; they bring out perfect descriptions for their posts.

While you must view this as tiring and time consuming at first, you will start realizing your dream of 9000 likes on your Instagram page over time. Apart from your images, your voice and brand, in that case, will be improved by the short descriptive messages you put below the picture.

4. Influencer Marketing

Influencers have many followers hence a more powerful voice on this platform. To interact with them to become one of their favorite people, turn on the post notification. That way, you will get a notice every they post something on their page.

Moreover, influencers are role models, and it is good that you follow their activities to know what they are doing or not doing to grow in this platform. Study their profile, the type of images they post, and they engage with their followers.

5. Develop A Unique Instagram Style

if you want to achieve your quest to hit 9000 likes first, you need to make a stand out a profile. Make something that is eye-catching and is easy to understand. Moreover, it would help if you made your followers want to know who you are and what you do.

Remember, Instagram is a crowded environment, and only the best and the most unique will occupy the top space. Before putting your profile out there, research to know what is needed to make a good profile on Instagram.

6. Get Local

When you are starting up on Instagram, getting 9000 likes is like a dream. The first and the most efficient way to search for likes are the people you know, say your neighborhood or city. Go to the search page, and choose the place to tab; type the name of the site you can see all the geotagged posts for your location. Here, you will meet people who can identify with your post.


As a starter on Instagram, getting 9000 likes sounds like a dream. However, with the right strategy, consistency and patience, the number is attainable. If you want to achieve a lot on this platform, you have to start seeing it from a business perspective.

Good luck as you achieve 9000 likes on your Instagram page!

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Sat Sep 12 2020

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