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How To Get More Plays On SoundCloud

How To Get More Plays On SoundCloud
Soundcloud is a platform that enables its users to upload, share, and promote their audio. The platform has had a significant impact on the music industry across the globe. Each artist has an independent space to promote their work. Apart from sharing music, Soundcloud has several other useful tools. If you are thinking of ways you can get more plays on Soundcloud, here are tips for you;

1. Make Quality Music

While it is possible to promote substandard music, such music never survives the test of time. The most effective marketing for your music is the music itself. In a platform where entry is too low, you are bound to get a lot of horrible music on it. First, ensure that the core of your music has a tangible and sellable idea. Before uploading your music on Soundcloud, seek opinions from tastemakers and other artists. Please take note of their feedback and improve what you have got to improve. Make use of the studios by producing large volumes of music. Do that patiently and consistently.
Get More SoundCloud Plays

2. Make Use of The Existing Audience

Some people have been on this platform more than you are better than you with their marketing strategies. Look for a way of capturing a bigger audience through;
  • An artist with a big audience
  • Repost channels
  • Playlist
  • Labels/collectives
  • Promotional channels
Also, make use of offsite audiences on platforms such as blogs, YouTube Channels, Hype Machine, Spotify Playlist, Radio stations, and influencers. It is important to find a channel that suits your music. Just because someone has many followers on their platform does not make them a perfect fit to promote your music.

3. Repost Chains

Repost chains are a group of people whose work is to repost tracks a time interval. The service is meant to give your music maximum exposure. With an SC Planner, you can accomplish this task effortlessly. Get a few music buddies who will multiply the reach of your audio as you upload new tracks to the chain. Here are a few efficient ways to create repost chains;
  1. Producer friends – make use of your inner cycle and get guaranteed baseline exposure every time you upload audio.
  2. Bigger chains – many people, especially on Facebook groups, are looking for an opportunity to join repost groups since bigger groups are more valuable.
  3. Random chains – When the only thing you are looking for is exposure, all you need to do is to search for ‘Repost Chains’ on Google.
  4. Before joining a music chain, ensure that your followers are okay with their brand of music. If you think the music can have a negative image on your image, hold off.

4. Add a ‘Buy’ link

While listens and likes are nice, they will not make you any money. The good think about Soundcloud is that it gives you a chance to add a ‘buy’ link to your audio upload. When you are uploading, click on the ‘Metadata’ tab. Add all the links you use to sell your music online. You can also write ‘donate to’  PayPal or Patreon. The number of fans out there willing to support your theme unbelievable.


It is important to note that your track network mostly represents your music. Therefore, it is essential to choose a stand out of the network. Make your audio count by choosing a network that represents your music. Your album art means your music, and the best results can be brought out by PNG or JPG, which brings out at least 800 x 800 pixels.
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