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How to change Twitch emote prefix

How to change Twitch emote prefix

Twitch is arguably one of the best online streaming software, with billions of users streaming and making money through it. Using twitch is fascinating because it is among unique platforms that allow users to interact one on one with the streamers. The good thing about this platform is its dedication to releasing new features now and then. 

To enjoy these features, of course, comes at a little cost. You can use a free account, but you will not be lucky to enjoy up to 70% of other interesting things. One of the most fascinating features is the Emote. You can use it only if you are a twitch partner or an affiliate. Otherwise, you will have to spend some cash to unlock it. What are twitch emotes, and how do you change emote prefix?

What is twitch emotes

Typically, emotes are emoji or emoticons. On the twitch platform, these emojis seem to be different from the ones appearing on your messaging app or phone. For instance, most social media apps buy the idea of hearts and smiley faces. In twitch, emotes apparently are unique to affiliate streamers. They might be something like custom art or image of the streamer, all tailored to show greetings or moods. These emotes can be used in chats by combining symbols and letters. You can also use them by choosing the options in the emote menu. Some channels make emotes appear in the video.

Number of emotes affiliates have on twitch

An affiliate can unlock one emote, but in their recent report, they have extended the offer to individuals with many subscribers. Thus, when buying these emotes, you can choose up to 50 emotes only if you have 15 subscribers. Other options can be unlocked by users who have 25 – 50 subscribers. This means that users can access 7 additional emotes on the menu.

Can’t access to emoticon on twitch?

If your request to use emoticon is denied on twitch, there is always an alternative. Remember, emoji are part of our regular digital life, and you can all attest that no single day passes without using them. Basically, they make our conversation lively, comfortable, and less formal. In twitch, it can be hard to express your feelings, especially if you are not using emoji. Thus, when your access gets denied, you must look for a solution. You can consider using an app like decline emoji part 1, which gives you up to 30 emoji.

Who can get emotes on twitch

Anyone can have access to emote on twitch. It is only a simple step of unlocking them onto your twitch channel but only when you have upgraded your account to a partner or affiliate channel. If you have a verified account, it is possible to create emote.

How do you make emotes on twitch?

It is easy to make twitch emote. You only need small images and editing software like Adobe Photoshop. You can also consider hiring a third party to do the work for you.

How to change twitch emote prefix

If you are looking forward to changing your emote prefix, you must understand that the whole process is somehow long. However, we have tried summarizing it so that it can be short and precise. Here is the step-step guide to follow.

  1. Creating a twitch account is the initial step required.
  2. When logged into your account, visit the affiliate option.
  3. The next thing is visiting the subscription option, which can be found at the bottom section. When you create this option, you will see various emote.
  4. When changing the prefix, you must ensure that you are eligible for the task through having the authority.
  5. If you are eligible, the next thing will be choosing the update prefix option. You can see this under the drop-down menu.
  6. When you are done, you will find a preview of the new prefixes to choose from.
  7. If you find the right prefix, you can go on and click the update prefix option.

Creating emoticon subscriber

If you have upgraded your twitch account to partner or affiliate, you must consider customizing the subscriber emoticons. To do this, you will have to do the following;

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on the dashboard option
  3. At the dashboard, tab on the affiliate settings
  4. Then, click the emotes option
  5. Choose the right emote size
  6. Save the changes

This process is for affiliate members, if you are a partner member, you will follow the same process, but you will choose the partner tab on your dashboard.


That’s all about what you need to know when changing the twitch emote prefix. So go on and do it. If you want to have more likes, viewers, or subscribers, feel free to buy them here.

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