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How to Get 100 Likes On Instagram

How to Get 100 Likes On Instagram

Instagram is a social media network and an American photo and a widely used video-sharing social media online platform. Facebook, which is also a popular social media platform, is the current owner of Instagram. 

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger are the social networking service creators and were initially released on the IOS system back in October 2010. In April 2012, an android version launch took place. With its rapidly increasing popularity, they had to update the operating system during the consequent years until 2016.

Creating an online application made mobile photos beautiful and straightforward, but the application multiplied over a short time. Nowadays, you can quickly get the application by downloading it free from the app store on mobile devices or accessing it through its site. 

The social networking service enables its users to upload and share videos or photos to easily edit using filters. There is an organization of the media in the application, according to hashtags and a geographical tagging. 

The service also has a messaging feature where users can engage with each other, and also you can upload many photos or videos in a single post. The graphical interface and editing tools are some features that the application has been upgrading over the years.

There are still more updates and improvements set up to make the app more user-friendly and easier to use as its popularity grows.

How To get 100 Likes On Instagram

Likes act as the most significant currency on Instagram. Getting Instagram likes means users enjoy or have a liking to the photo or video upload on the social media platform. ‘Likes’ is a designed feature in the application through which users rate media content uploads. 

It is quite essential for people looking to establish an Instagram influencer platform or use the Instagram app to promote and advertise art, a brand, or product, thus broadly measuring your success and popularity of your content. In simple terms, it is a validation means in an online app.

When you get more likes, it will guarantee that your future post will get more exposure as the application design ensures users view content that they had previously shown interest in the past. Getting more likes also means more followers and traffic on your account as your post will progress higher in the users' feeds. Below are ways to gain more likes on your Instagram account.

1) Call to action or use hashtags in your posts' caption

This tactic means that you can ask for more likes on your post if you want more likes. Some research shows that users retweet tweets more often when people directly and randomly asked for retweets. You can do this by adding simple captions such as “like if you agree” or “please like this post.” You can also add several hashtags on your post, although you need to be careful not to add too many as your post might end up looking like a spammy.

2) Resharing on other social media networks

If you own active profiles on other social network platforms with followers, you can reshare your upload on those social media content. This method will increase your audience's awareness as more people will go to your account, leading to more likes. Instagram automatically allows the sharing of posts to your different social media networks, which is an excellent feature.

3) Run like to win contests

Run to like contest are an easy way to increase the traffic in your account. To do so, all you require to do is post a video or photo on Instagram and ask the people to like to take part in the contest. Most of the time, if the prize is good, many people are likely to appreciate the post as it is a straightforward process to win something. This method is hugely suitable for promoting some content or creating an Instagram influencer profile. 

4) Timing 

It is not a good strategy to post content on Instagram whenever you feel like it. You can build up a significant audience if you post at the right time. First of all, you should understand the target audience that you want your content to reach, and thus you will know when they are most likely scrolling through the Instagram feed. You are more anticipated to gain more likes if they are online while you post the media. 

5) Work with great captions

Whereas Instagram is a visual social network, writing an excellent caption on your posts can attract your content. Captions add more context to the post and bring out feelings in people. Always make the caption interesting, relevant, and short to attract more likes on your post.

6) Like and comment on other people posts

Other people's content is just as important to them as your content is to you. Interacting with other people post increases traffic on your account; thus, when not posting, make sure you are liking or commenting on other people's posts. This method also makes you more social with the audience. 

7) Host a takeover

A takeover is when influencers or even users temporarily take charge of each other’s accounts. This tactic is a method to grow your followers and likes. To do this effectively, pick someone you share interests in or think that your audience might find interesting.

8) Offer behind the scenes content

Most people do not always want to see the perfect over polished content. Sometimes switch up and show the audience behind the scenes of what led to the content. Keep the content casually and simple but not messy.


Gaining likes will depend on how you exhibit your Instagram content to the people. Getting more likes validates good content and encourages more future posts and interactions between you and the users.

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