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How to get followers on Instagram without following

How to get followers on Instagram without following

Instagram is an alternative site where pictures and short videos. It is widely used by business people to sell their products and services. It can make a brand successful, depending on how you make use of it. It has a huge fan base with over one billion active users.

Creating an Instagram account is not an assurance that it will get followers. It takes personal effort to win the trust of followers. Most Instagram followers' follower accounts, posting things that make them happy or flow to their niche.

Instagram is mostly used to inspire and entertain. All popular accounts are very engaging, inspiring, or very funny. Here is what you should consider when you are looking to get people to follow you without following them.

Tips On Getting Followers Without Following

Post frequently

Many Instagrammers take this lightly. When growing an account, posting content regularly is crucial to its success. Most people post, but the posting is not as frequent as it should be. For Instagram users to follow your account, they must notice how busy your profile is.

Old content on Instagram is less likely to be noticed because hashtags are not very common here, like on Pinterest. When the account is new, posting in the morning and on evening s is advised. During these hours, many people are online; hence the viewership of your content increases.

Hold regular contests

Running contests is an excellent way of gaining a following. Before holding such a contest, strive to have a strong base of over 1000 followers. Upon hitting this milestone, start running contests; however, overdoing it can lead to boredom. Holding a contest three times in a year is exemplary.

To hold a good contest, have an enticing reward for the winner. The regulations of the game should also be easy to understand. Creating a contest hashtag is also very important. Excite the contest to keep Instagram users anxious. Finally, announce the winner publicly and congratulate them. Ask friends to support the contest by liking your posts, asking them to vote, and tagging the friends.

Using social media to advertise the account

The power of social media platforms has grown enormously over time. To maximize this power, use all other online platforms; you have to ask for people's support through following your account. Put links that lead to your Instagram account to make it easy for them o follow. The results of this are no sudden, but with time, it is a very fruitful way to gain followers. All you need is patience.

Mentioning Instagram influencers

Interacting with influencers whose accounts are related to yours is very important. The relationship should be in terms of the niche of content posted. This way, you can take advantage of the hashtags when they are related to what you post. Caption their username in your post when posting content related to their brands.

When this tactic is appropriate, it is very fruitful. Most people abuse this approach, making it look like spam. It has a negative effect as it puts people off. When replying to comments posted by such prominent brands, ensure you have a genuine and relevant point. Doing this shows how serious you are in growing your brand. Many users will, therefore, see the need to follow your account.

Post content your followers want

Master the art of understanding your followers' needs and the niche that can attract followers you desire to have. The little details in the content you post can make a huge difference. Be conversant with the emerging trends to keep your followers entertained. Engage the followers by replying to their messages. Answer their queries and strive to post the things the followers ask.

Schedule your posts in advance

When, how, and what you post are all very important when growing an account. Even with the right content, timing is vital. It is appropriate to post your content when people are out of work. At these times, many Instagram users are free; hence most of them are online. The audience therefore increases.

Optimizing Instagram account

Your Instagram bio must be optimized before embarking on growing it. The homepage should be eye-catching. It should also contain the details of the brand you intend to sell.


The growth of any Instagram account depends on the management. Proper management leads to the growth and development of an Instagram account. To achieve this, you must understand what your target audience needs and always strive to provide that. Posting content at the right time, coupled with patience and dedication, is essential.

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Thu Sep 17 2020

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