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How to Get the Swipe Up Attribute On Instagram Without Having Ten Thousand Followers

How to Get the Swipe Up Attribute On Instagram Without Having Ten Thousand Followers

Instagram has a lot of content to offer, and that is why any user, especially those looking forward to growing their brand, should take it very seriously. Instagram expands the artistic potential by taking the pictures and significantly refining communication with the people using it.

The Swipe Up feature that you may have come across is a link that you can click on the arrow found at the bottom of the screen or swipe up. This feature is crucial as it permits businesses to encourage the purchase of products, create awareness on blog posts, and sign up pages as they open up immediately in the app for users to explore further.

However, this essential Instagram feature is only available to accounts that have already reached the ten thousand followers' mark or verified. This factor can be saddening to vibrant accounts that have not achieved either of those conditions.

Nevertheless, if you are among those you have not reached the mark, you do not need to worry because I will take you through various steps to add the Swipe Up feature to your account with a lot of ease.

Firstly, please make use of your IGTV and post it there. Record a longer than a one-minute video explaining your product or what you are pushing, and then save it on your camera roll. Afterward, proceed to the IGTV highlight below your bio and select the video you recorded and click “Next.”

In the description, you will need to make the title very eye-catchy since you want to draw many people to your link. Supplementing the title with an emoji as well will reasonably draw much attention. Automatically, Instagram will decide on a thumbnail for you, but you can decide on a photo on your images.

Post the video, and subsequently, your IGTV library will update. The link is just at the top where your title is, and anyone can tap it, and the description will show up, and your link is right there.

Secondly, you can put your stories in the video since the Instagram stories will push your link more. At the screen's top, you will spot a link symbol. Proceed and click on the link symbol, and you will spot an option for IGTV video. Once you select and click on it, you will discover that the IGTV video will update. Therefore, at the bottom, you will note “Watch Video,” and when anyone swipes up, they will direct you to your latest IGTV video where the link is.

How to gain 10,000 followers on Instagram

You are looking to draw as many followers as you can to your profile; therefore, there are specific methods that you will have to follow obediently, and you will see how you will get 10,000 followers on Instagram fast.

1) Enhance your Instagram page to go with your personality

Your Instagram profile is the single and initial thing your prospective followers will observe. Ensure that you have a nice name( Instagram handle), top-notch quality profile image, a simple and eye-catchy bio that describes your personality, and a website URL. See to it that your Instagram profile is precise and very approachable.

2) Look for your aesthetic and theme

The Instagram app is a visual platform; therefore, it is essential to take top-notch quality images that complement your personality, hobbies, and values, attracting and entertaining your followers.

You should seek to make the 9-grid accessorize each other in your feed, which is the primary objective of your Instagram feed design as they will give out your style and personality. Therefore, it will impress your potential followers, and they might consider following you.

You can potentially do this after recognizing your audience and find about six subjects that you are passionate about and those that interest you. Afterward, choose your preset filters to apply on your photos and arrange the grids seamlessly to complement each other.

3) Cross share your Instagram profile on other networks

If you are active and have a substantial amount of following on other social network platforms, it would be appropriate to share your posts with these other networks. This process will direct your followers to your Instagram account to potentially like your posts and follow you.

4) Like and leave a comment on many different posts

This method will show most of your followers and those who do not follow you that you are active and engage with other users. A guy named Neil Patel claimed to like photos casually of users that he did not follow. He discovered that for every 100 likes he gave, he received at least 21.7 likes, and 6.1 follows. Therefore, it is very crucial to engage with different users on the app.

How to get 10,000 followers in one day

However, it seems impossible to get ten thousand followers in a day.; you can do this comfortably through the methods mentioned below that you can employ to create a loyal following among your existing followers and lure others to your account.

1) Take advantage of insights

These insights that come with turning your page to a business profile let you know various activities on your account, such as impressions and visits. You can now use this information to set yourself at an advantageous position and know when to post to receive the utmost engagement.

2) Work with geotags and tag famous brands

This tactic is advantageous since many people occasionally search locations and brands; as they do this, your photos or videos will appear since you mentioned the brand or place in your posts. This method enhances your opportunity to have your posts reach many people, which will potentially lead people to like and leave a comment on your post or even follow you.

3) Do not hesitate to be yourself

Your followers want to engage with you and know the real you. Therefore, there is no reason to fake someone you are not or be afraid to show details about yourself. Instead, you should be free and confident and speak about topics you are exuberant about, and subjects that you love. Moreover, using Instagram stories is a convenient way to communicate with your followers fully.


Confidently, we believe the above-detailed tips will guide you to attract and create engagement to your account in your journey to get ten thousand followers on Instagram. Follow them diligently and see yourself having active and real ten thousand followers in your Instagram account.

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Fri Sep 11 2020

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