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Get Verified on Instagram

Get Verified on Instagram

If you have used this platform for long, you must have seen a blue checkmark next to popular Instagram accounts. The blue symbol shows that Instagram has verified an account.

Getting a blue check as verification is in the wish list of anyone using Instagram. If you have been searching for a way to get your Instagram account verified, explore no further, we got you.

Usually, the blue badge is given to famous people and brands to avoid imposter and copycats. Impostors target big brands and famous people to tarnish their names or to trick unwary followers.

The blue badge shows that the person or brand behind the Instagram account is real and can be trusted. 

How To Get An Instagram Account Verified

In 2018, Instagram came up with a process that simplified the process of verifying an Instagram account. The application to get your account verified is relatively easy. Here are simple steps to follow to get your Instagram account verified.

  1. Go to r profile and click the menu on the top right corner
  2. Click the setting icon
  3. Go to the account icon
  4. Tap request verification
  5. Fill out all the details required of you; full names, professional name, and category
  6. Upload your ID or business documents and click send

Note: The government ID must clearly show your name and date of birth. A business document, on the other hand, must show the tax fillings or a utility bill when you are requesting verification for a brand or business.

How Many Followers Do You Need to Be Verified on Instagram?

Everyone is looking to get verified on Instagram to raise their social status. You have worked hard, and you deserve to be recognized! There is no more significant milestone when you are growing an Instagram account than getting your account verified.

The big question is how many followers one requires to get their account verified. Well, there is no minimum number of follower requirement to get your Instagram account verified. Even with less than 1000 IG followers, you can still get your account verified.

The Requirements to Get Your IG Account Verified

 For Instagram to accept your request to verify your account, you must adhere to the terms and conditions, which include;

Be authentic – whether your account represents a company, brand, or person, you must be who you say you are. Otherwise, Instagram can quickly decline your request.

Be unique – terms and conditions of Instagram dictate that one account should represent one person or brand. Note that fan accounts, feature accounts, and meme accounts are not eligible for verification.

Be complete – essentially, the blue badge is meant for public figures and entitles; hence you cannot have a private profile and expect to get a verification. Also, ensure that your profile has a photo and at least one post.

Be notable – for you to receive the blue check, your account must have a well-known and highly searched brand.

Things to Note When Verifying Your Account

  • No guarantee

When you make a request for your account to be verified, there is no guarantee that your plea will be accepted. Also, Instagram does not give reasons why they have declined to provide your account for the blue check.

However, when your verification request is declined, you have a chance to edit your profile and re-submit your verification again. Do it many times as until your account is approved or verified.

  • Instagram does its research

Before verifying your account, Instagram will do its research to ensure it follows all the terms and conditions. Try your best to make sure your account follows all the terms and conditions.

  • Your request can take time

Depending on the number of requests Instagram receives, your request could take hours, days, and, in some cases, months before you get feedback.


Since the process of verification is easy and straightforward, it is worth trying. Whether your request is approved or declined will not affect your account in any way. If your claim is denied, keep growing your Instagram account and follow its terms and conditions.

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