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How to get verified on Twitch

How to get verified on Twitch

Twitch is among the world’s most renowned streaming platforms, with millions of streamers from different regions. A fun streamer or professional streamer can get verified on twitch and experience the merits that come with it. Other than the verification badge you obtain on verification, there are other badges that you could also get on twitch, including the Twitch Staff, VIP, and broadcaster badges. This article sheds light on the verification badge and how you can achieve it. But first, let’s understand what a verification badge is.

Twitch verification badge- what is it?

A badge is a special thing, in drawing or in written words, designed in a special way to relay a particular message. It basically serves to identify a person with the membership of a particular group or level. A twitch verification badge is, therefore, a mark that distinguishes regular streamers from those who have been approved for a higher level in the Twitch streaming platform.

The twitch verification badge is a purple octagon drawing with a white checkmark at its center. With twitch verification badge, streaming just got better. You not only get entertainment but also you get the benefit from your audiences. Among other benefits lies the benefit of earning income from the badge. Once you’re verified, you can be sure to earn money from your streaming. The twitch verification badge doesn’t differ with location; it’s the same all over the world. However, this badge icon is different from that of the broadcaster, VIP, and other twitch badge icons.

Who gets verified?

Apparently, not every streamer will be granted the twitch verification badge. You need to meet all the verification requirements to obtain this badge. Streamers who are granted the verification automatically begin to earn money from the twitch platform. Twitch has a policy that explains what a streamer must meet to get verified.

The twitch verification criteria

To become verified on Twitch, you must become a twitch partner by applying to be one. You become a partner by following the platform's terms and conditions. Twitch does not allow partners to stream to other platforms. Besides, you must prove that you are valuable to the twitch community, with zero strikes against your twitch account. If your application for partnership is rejected, it could be that there are some areas that you need to improve and have your application reconsidered. If you get approved as a partner, you are good to go and strive for the verification badge.

Earning a twitch verification badge

The verification badge just doesn’t appear on your account. Like other good things in life, you have to work for this badge. This means that you have to be a little more alert and active. In this, you need to:

- Have a minimum of 50 followers

- Have at least seven broadcasting days in the last 30 days

- Have 500 and above broadcasting minutes in the last 30 days

- Have an average of at least three concurrent viewership in the last 30 days

If you meet all these requirements, the verification badge will be available for you, which you can add to your account.

Tips for meeting the verification requirements

- Engage with the audience and be enthusiastic.

Talk to your audience. Reply to their comments on your posts. Be sure not to take too much time before replying; audiences feel appreciated when replied promptly. You could also ask them questions to know what games, movies, or content that they like. Use this information to build up your account by synthesizing the information to know what followers would merry about or expect from you. All these will help you earn more followers.

- Be respectful

It goes without saying that you must show respect to the audience. Appreciate and approve that different people have different versions of thoughts. Expect criticisms and know how to go about them in an honorable manner.

But just how long does the verification take?

A month is a pretty enough time to get verified on twitch. Within this period, you can position yourself to meet the verification requirements. At the same time, a twitch will be reviewing your account prior to the verification process.

Note that twitch might not approve your application for the verification instantly. You only need to be patient as the support and administration team reviews your account.


There is no shortcut to getting verification on twitch. The twitch verification badge doesn’t just come with being a mare streamer. The twitch community is disciplined and strictly adheres to its policies and conditions. This article has all the information you need to get twitch verification. Bearing in mind the monetary benefit that comes with the twitch verification badge, you should take it upon you as a goal to work hard to achieve it. Want to buy followers and likes? Feel free to buy them here.

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