How To Get High Retention YouTube Views

High retention YouTube Views refers to the number of times visitors will spend on your YouTube channel. The main aim of search engines such as Google is to provide users relevant and high-quality videos. The criteria used by Google and most search engines is the retention rate of YouTube viewers.

High retention views refer to the number of viewers who watched the full video as opposed to viewers who clicked on the video and immediately closed the window. The important thing here is the length of time spent on the video by the viewers.

High-quality videos will have a high retention rate compared to low-quality videos. The reason a viewer will immediately close a video after opening is low content or low-quality video. Therefore, low-quality videos will have a lower retention rate than high-quality videos.

Buy retention YouTube viewers

Small YouTube channels have a difficult time competing with established YouTube channels. The best way to compete with these huge companies is to buy retention YouTube views. This means your videos will generate high retention views hence catching the eyes of YouTube, Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.

Why is a high retention rate significant? The reason is simple; your video will occupy a high spot on search engine results space. Note that this formula will not guarantee you any sales. As an entrepreneur, you still have to go out of your way to make value out of your views.

Also, all the reputation you gained through buying high retention views can away once real people visit your channel and examine your videos.


The best way to make your efforts worthwhile is by creating high-quality videos for your YouTube channel. Apart from buying retention YouTube Viewers, there is no better way of giving your channel better PR than making high-quality videos. The bottom line to ensuring high retention is providing your viewers with valuable information.