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How to raid on Twitch

How to raid on Twitch

Are you an aspiring streamer? Or have you seen a stream redirect to another live channel at the end of their stream? Perhaps the streamer went forward to have fun with you, the audience, by introducing the new medium to you. In most cases, teaching another streamer is the motive of this technique, known as raiding. If you want to grow your community further, being raided by another streamer could triple your odds.

One important thing you should know about raids is that they need to be preplanned. This would enable you to have your target audience in mind and learn how to usher them in. As a raider, performing a raid on another streamer’s raid is an excellent networking method. It provides your audience with more content once you sign out.

So, how do you raid on Twitch? Simply follow these steps.

Steps and tips to a successful raid

If you’re a creator, you should first let your audience know about an oncoming raid. You can then go ahead to write and share the message you’d want your audience to leave on the broadcaster’s channel.

To begin a raid on Twitch, type in the chat command: “/raid username,” where the username is the name of the channel that you want to raid. This method of starting a raid is only available to you and your channel editors.

After running the command, a 10-seconds countdown timer will appear. When the 10 seconds elapse, the initially inactive ‘Raid Now’ button becomes active. Press the button to begin the raid.

If you do not cancel or click the ‘Raid Now’ button within 80 seconds, the raid will start automatically. Your viewers will then be notified that they’re joining a raid via a pinned message.

There is a ‘Leave’ button on the viewers’ pinned chat message that lets them exit the raid. On your creator side, you can end the raid by typing /unraid command.

During the raid

When the countdown timer hits zero, your viewers will be redirected to the channel that you are raiding. Viewers already in the channel you are raiding will be notified of your raid plus the number of viewers you’re bringing along.

If a viewer checks in to your channel, they’ll see the content you’re hosting without having to join the raid. Viewers can join the raid through the Twitch mobile application or from the website.

How to raid successfully

To achieve some considerable results from your raids, you need to do and adhere to some rules.

  1. Raid alike channels

There’s generally one rule of thumb regarding raiding- raid only channels that are similar to yours. You should target channels that are similar in size to yours and have related content. If you can, try to keep within the same niche as much as possible. To you, other streamers are like buddies, don’t pay much attention to being competitive.

Raiding alone doesn’t generate many new viewers at an instant. Therefore, you should view raiding as a form of networking through which you raid streamers or broadcasters with whom you may have a working relationship in the future.

Lastly, your viewers are attracted to your content. If you notice channels whose content you enjoy, raid them even if they’re smaller. The goal here is viewer satisfaction and building each other.

  1. Go for a charming channel.

Choosing an entertaining channel is best done with the aid of your viewers. Engage them in your stream and let them help you determine what channels to raid. Let them offer suggestions or recommendations on streamers whose content is similar to yours.

You can also watch the new streamer with your viewers as you pay attention to their comments. If the majority are for the streamer, then that makes a good one for a raid.

III. Prepare before launching the twitch raid.

Before commencing the raid, prepare your viewers for it. You can share a message that they can paste on the raided channel, or you can ask them to hype the raided streamer instead of you as they give feedback. This boosts the other streamer’s confidence and increases their likelihood of returning the favor of working with you.

  1. Spend a few minutes in the streamer’s channel

Once you’ve started a raid, spend not less than 10 minutes on the stream. This allows your viewers to express their opinion on the content and what they enjoyed. If your viewers have some feedback related to your own stream, it’ll help you make the channel better.

  1. Acknowledge your viewers on social media

After the raid, you should send out a post or a tweet expressing gratitude for your viewer’s participation. You should also mention the channel you raided and link to their important webpages, if possible.

If your social media page doesn’t have a good number of followers or likes, here is a genius way to get the numbers.

  1. Seek collaboration

Sometimes you may raid a streamer with awesome content, prompting you to reach out for collaboration with them. However, you should be courteous in your approach and mention how the partnership can be helpful to both of you. If you get rejected, pitch elsewhere and don’t stop. You’ll finally have a network with which to collaborate.


Raiding a channel as a creator is very easy. Getting the desired results is, however, a different schedule that’s dependent on your strategies. Luckily, the guidelines shared here might be the ingredient you’ve been missing all along. Implement them consistently as you watch the results unfold. If you wish to earn more followers or likes in your Twitch account, then buy from here.

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