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Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories

Separate from your posts, Instagram allows you to add content that is visible to your profile but will disappear 24 hours later. However, the platform gives you a chance to customize the people who can view these stories.

When you want your Instagram stories to last more than 24 hours, Instagram gives you a chance to save the content as ‘Highlights.’ Through that, the saved story can be available on your profile.

Instagram lets you know who viewed your story and the order in which the story was viewed. That way, you will know the people with their notifications. For you to see who viewed the app, tap to your information at the top left corner.

At the bottom of your story, you will see ‘Seen by’ where you will see images of the viewers. Next to ‘Seen by,’ you will see a number representing the number of people who have viewed your story. Alternatively, swipe up your story to see the people who viewed your story.

Can You See the Number of Times People View Your Story on Instagram?

While Instagram has provided a way for you to see the people who have viewed your story, it is impossible to find out when people view your story more than once. Every time you get new viewers to your story, their name comes top on the list of viewers.

However, if a person who already viewed the story re-view it, their name will not appear top. You cannot tell whether how many times a person has viewed your story.

Can you tell if someone screenshot’s your story? While some apps allow you to know when someone takes a screenshot, Instagram does not. Even when a user decides to share your story, you will not get any notification.

Can Your Instagram Story Views?

Yes, you can buy Instagram story views. For instance, if you buy your Instagram story views on PayPal, you not only get more views, but your online presence will be enhanced instantly.

You do not have to wait any longer, buy Instagram stories, and take your account to a whole new level. Instagram stories is one feature pulling more and more people to your Instagram account.

Why You Should Buy Instagram Stories

Instagram stories help to build impressions. Naturally, people are more attracted to Instagram accounts with more views than those with less. One way of achieving more views on your Instagram account is by buying Instagram story views.

Through Instagram, you will get better engagement compared to other social media platforms. This is why brands are streaming to this platform to promote their products. Through Instagram stories, you can convert leads into customers. Also, Instagram stories allow you to engage better and double your rate of leads.


Both small and big brands are using Instagram stories to promote their customer base. It is through story views that most companies have made their names on Instagram. If your target is to expand your customer base and increase your sales, buying Instagram views is a suitable option for you.

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SMM World

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