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How to get one million followers on Instagram

How to get one million followers on Instagram

Don't you always wonder how influencers gain more than 1 million followers on Instagram? What secret hack are they using? What tips and tricks do they employ to keep their existing followers and even add more? How do they get 1 million and get to keep them? Influencers account always seem like those you have to keep up with. They tend to leave an appealing first impression as they grip your attention from the start, and you find yourself scrolling to look at their content. This article will guide you on some secret tips and ideas on how to get 1 million followers on Instagram fast, just like them.

1) Incorporate the geotag feature.

Many times when you travel, you tend to come across certain breathtaking sites. Breathtaking sites range from buildings, nature, architecture, art, décor, music, and even foods. Geotagging allows your followers to know your style and tastes; hence, they can learn more about you.

2) Do not be dormant; be regularly active.

This method is an absolute way to get noticed and seen most, especially if the posts you engage with are of people who are your target audience. Leave lovely comments on your favorite influencer's post and your friends as well. Also, engage in the polls posted on the Instagram stories. Such engagement will show other users that you are a delightful active user, and they would love to know about you, which will lead them liking your posts and following you.

However, do not be too active and seem very obnoxious as this will repel other users. Just be frequently active in a socially acceptable manner to keep your followers and attract new ones.

3) Employ hashtags.

Hashtags are one of the easiest ways on how to get one million followers on Instagram fast. Employing well thought out and relevant hashtags allow you to reach vast target audiences. Remember to switch your hashtags for each post to enable you to extend to new audiences each time you may post.

Many people advise that you should use at least 30 hashtags in your post, as each hashtag opens the door to a specific is also vital to go for low-density hashtags over high-density ones. High-density hashtags tend to have numerous posts from multiple users. Therefore, your post is put through to competition with others.

Low-density hashtags have a moderate amount of posts; consequently, there is not much competition. To balance the usage of both high- and low-density hashtags, you need to use them both in moderate amounts.

4) Your content needs to be interesting.

Interesting stuff always hooks one's attention and keeps them coming back for more. Exciting content is always worthwhile to view. To make your content enjoyable, you need to employ various Instagram features such as your feed, stories, bio, and even the highlights.

For instance, in your Instagram stories aim at incorporating various colors from the color section. Switching from primary colors and using rainbow or gradient colors gives your stories an upgrade when using texts. You can also opt to employ the 3D effect or fonts on the various Instagram fonts available.

5) Create an eye-catching theme.

On visual platforms, the coordination of images is essential. Coordination of images brings out your aesthetics, makes your feed organized, and the photos stand out, and show consistency in your feed. To coordinate your photos correctly, pick a color that you want to work with for a certain period.

Most influencers aim at choosing a suitable vibrant color and wearing outfits that are of the selected color for some time. You can also see them go ahead and take photos in the background of the chosen color. Afterward, they switch the color to another and repeat the process. A color-coordinated feed tends to be visually stimulating, attractive and people want to keep up to see what is up next.

6) Put watermarks on your photos/ images.

Watermarking allows you to reach vast audiences when your pictures are reposted and shared. It would be best if you also recall that perfect images are vulnerable to larceny. And impersonation. It is common to find that people's photographs have been used to make fake accounts with malicious aims such as soliciting money illegally or fraudulently.

When you watermark your images, you affirm that the photos are yours, hence copyrighting them.

7) Have a regular posting schedule.

Your followers want to view some content form you every time. Posting daily lets your followers see your work every time. Moreover, daily posts denote that you are an active user and consistent with your brand.

Also, take time and study what time is right to post your content. Most people are active during mornings, afternoons, and after coming from work to relax. Aiming for these suitable peak times allows you to have numerous likes and multiple reshares.

8) Get involved with your followers.

Instagram Live is an aspect of Instagram stories that allows you to interact perfectly with multiple users and your followers. It is an amusing and exciting way of engaging as it is live, the viewers can comment on the live video as you verbally respond to their comments and questions, and you can save the live video for future use. For influencers, Instagram Live is a tactical move. It allows them to introduce new products into the market, expound on the product's features and benefits, and answer any launched product questions.

Often influencers always post the "Ask me a question" sticker on their stories. The sticker is a strategical tool to employ as it allows you to have conversations with your followers as they ask various questions about you, your brand, and even your work. It also allows you to seek information where you can ask your followers for advice on your brand, situations, and even feedback. The information provided dramatically assists you in improving the various setbacks on your account.


An Instagram user's constant question is, "how long does it take to get 1 million followers on Instagram?". It is easy. Loosen up, strategize, and create your perfect brand. When you employ the tips outlined in this article, your followers will increase, and you will attain your 1 million followers in no time.

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