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Five Types of Social Media Platforms Marketer Should Know

Five Types of Social Media Platforms Marketer Should Know

What every marketer should know is that not all social media platforms are equal. If you thought that social media marketing is confirmed to only the big boys like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, then think again.

For you to be a useful marker, marketers must understand every available social media platform's practice. From the regular household social media names, here are types of social media platforms marketers should be aware of;

Social Networking Sites

For most people, the mention of social media rings the bell to Facebook. However, you must realize that social media marketing applies to several platforms where users can interact and connect.

Some of the most popular social networking sites include; Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. What this networking do is;

  • Enable users to posts, share, and respond to other people's content
  • Connect with others directly
  • Connect with the community and discuss relevant topics

Let's look at the impact of each social media network.


With close to 1.2 billion users, Facebook boost as the most popular social network. Facebook has adverse demographics that cover people from different demographics, ages, and professional connections alike.

Due to its popularity, Facebook ads have become a massive gold mine for modern-day marketers as every type of audience exists on this platform.


LinkedIn represents a more' suit and ties' type of user. The industry is mostly used by professionals looking to connect. Unlike other social media networks where anything goes, LinkedIn is not focused on specific content.

The platform brings a perfect opportunity for users to get themselves in front of relevant executives and or CEOs. LinkedIn represents a social media network in its purest form.


When it comes to emphasizing bite-sized content, Twitter gives you an opportunity or ability to connect with anyone from just a click. If you thought the 140 characters allowed by Twitter is too small, then think again.

Twitter helps marketers efficiently respond to customer's issues, get in touch with influencers, and cause customer engagement. Above all, Twitter is one of the simplest social media platforms to open and use.

Image Sharing and Messaging Sites

Today's market is dominated by nothing but visual content. As a result, the new marketing trend mainly lies in image sharing platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram. Recent studies indicate that Instagram is first moving into one billion users. As for Snapchat, its IPO dominated the tech world in 2018.

But how is it that image-based social media platforms are receiving so much love in recent years? Here reasons why;

  • The use of image allows brands to show off their products in their original version
  • Represent prime places for brands to curate and promote user-generated content
  • The use of images is a break from the traditional blogs and lengthy written content

Apart from Instagram and Snapchat, other platforms that give you a chance to share images are; Pinterest and Imgur.

Video Sharing Sites

Much like image sharing platforms, video sharing platforms are great marketing tools. As a marketer, some of the video-sharing media you should focus on include; YouTube and Vimeo.

YouTube boasts close to one billion users daily, signalling itself as the most popular video-sharing platform. While YouTube's status as a social media platform still in doubt, the platform presents a massive opportunity for creators to put their content out there.

For status, here is why video content is essential in marketing;

  • Requires less or no effort from the audience, just watching
  • Their limited entry barrier, all you need is a laptop or smartphone on the very least
  • Videos are perfect for educating the audience

Social Blogging

Many critics argue that blogging has gone the way of the dinosaur. Research shows that brands that blog get more leads and SEO ratings than those who don't. As a result, blogging sites like Tumblr and Medium have emerged as a new trend for bloggers. Benefits of such

Platforms include;

  • Help in reaching a broader audience
  • Squeezing the most out of your blogs


There is no shortage for marketers looking to put their products out there. Although all these marketing platforms vary, they are aimed to achieve the same goal, which is product promotion.

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SMM World

Sun Oct 18 2020

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